Vetsense Kilverm Poultry Wormer 125ml

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Vetsense Kilverm 125ml - poultry wormer - for the treatment of sensitive strains of roundworm in poultry

Active constituent: 14g/L Levamisole

Target parasites for poultry: Large Roundworm Ascaris galli; Caecal Worm Heterakis gallinae; Hairworm Capillaria spp. These are the most important intestinal worms in fowls, turkey, and other birds.

Directions: This product is containdicated in extremely hot weather. Mix with clean drinking water. For maximum efficiency it must be consumed in the shortest time possible. Withhold water from birds 2 hours before nightfall. The required amount of medicated water is then made available so that the birds can start drinking it at daylight. Replace with clean water after 8 hours or when medication is consumed. Birds under continuous light should be treated by withholding water for 2 hours and then giving medicated water as above.

Dose Rate: For the treatment of the 3 worms mentioned above dilute 100ml Vetsense Kilverm with 2 litres of water. If treating Large Roundworm only dilute 100ml Kilverm with 3 litres of water. Provide medicated water to poultry at a rate of 200ml of medicated water per 6kg live weight. This equates to 10ml of Vetsense Kilverm per 6kg liveweight.

Withholding periods: poultry meat do not use in less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption; poultry eggs 0 days.