About Us

Reptile Direct Australia offers a huge range of competitively priced reptile, bird and aquarium products direct to your door. We buy product direct from a range of local suppliers and overseas manufacturers to meet our aim of offering the best range of reasonably priced reptile, bird, and fish products to the Australian market. Best of all our site auto-calculates shipping costs so that you can checkout and pay for your order instantly.

We have been involved with reptiles both professionally and privately for many years and our range covers the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. We welcome questions about our products and if you take the time to explain to us what your needs are we will do our best to ensure that you do not end up with products that you do not need. We strongly recommend that our customers only buy animals from established breeders and that you take up membership of a local herpetological club or society as that is the best way to ensure that you start out with the best animals and that you also have the ongoing support that you will need for husbandry issues.

Although we no longer maintain a warehouse showroom for our products below are some pics of our range from our previous showrooms:

Our range of products is constantly growing but at this time our main product lines include:


  • Reptile Enclosures - glass tanks and terrariums, glass and mesh terrariums, mesh cages, flat packed melamine and wood veneer cages, high quality decorative wooden furniture cages, outside pits, and aviaries.
  • Cage Accessories - a full range of products should you be custom making your own enclosure such as door locks, sliding glass door locks, plastic air vents, light cages, flat ceramic lampholders, and battenholders.
  • Reptile Habitats - a wide range of resin ornaments to enable you to create a unique habitat for your pets including 3D foam backgrounds, feed bowls, water dishes, resin driftwood, silk and plastic fake plants, reptile hides, reptile caves, resin logs, resin stumps, resin roots, fake rocks, rock ridges, basking stones, resin skulls, and other resin ornaments for reptiles.
  • Reptile Heating - reptile heat mats, heat pads, heating tape, and ceramic heat emitters.
  • Reptile Lighting - reflector lamp light fittings, ceramic battenholders, ceramic lampholders, UV reptile lamps, and compact fluro lamps,
  • Reptile Handling - snake hooks, snake tongs, snake bags, reptile bags, and gloves.
  • Reptile Husbandry - snake sexing probes, pinkie pumps, tweezers, forceps, scissors, and disinfectants.
  • Bird husbandry - feed, food supplements, treatments, medicines
  • Bird nesting - cages, carry boxes, nesting boxes and cane nest baskets, nesting materials
  • Fish husbandry - fish foods, water treatments, medicines and supplements
  • Poultry products - feeders and waterers, fake eggs
With the exception of feed stuffs and product with best before or expiry dates most items listed for sale on our site are available in stock in Australia and ready to be shipped as soon as your payment has been received and processed. You can generally expect that your items will arrive within a week of payment having been processed.
Our philosophy is simple. We aim to bring you a great range of products, at competitive prices, and with all the convenience of online shopping.
So if you have any questions about our products then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page. If the product you are looking for is not listed on our site then we welcome you to contact us as we may be able to add that item to our range of Australian reptile supplies for you.