Skink Feed Pellet (Juvenile) 145g

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Blue tongue Lizard Pellets are a nutritionally balanced food, fortified with vitamins and minerals. They are a highly digestible, enticing pellet which Blue tongue Lizards will eagerly consume.

Feeding instructions:

Moisten food in water or fruit juice
Provide slightly more than the lizard will eat in an 8 hour period
Fruit, vegetables, crickets and mealworms can be given as treats
Always provide fresh water

Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality grains and meals.

Analysis: Protein 32%, Fat 6%, Fibre 6%, Moisture 8%

Ingredients: Wheat flour, soya bean meal, fish meal, spirulina, kelp flour, mutton bird oil, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, menadione, folic acid, pridoxine B6, thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, vitamin B12, choline chloride, iodine, anitoxidant, vitamin E, vitamin B2 total, vitamin D3, vitamin K3, added vitaminD3, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C-EC, dried yeast, wheat germ, iron, manganous oxide, zinc, mycocurb, biotin, calcium B, panthithenate, cobalt, manganese, selenium, innositol, tixosil