Reptile Supplement 5kg

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Wombaroo reptile feed supplement for use with a wide range of reptiles.

To feed as soft pellets: Mix about 75% reptile supplement with about 25% warm water. Add the water slowly and mix to a consistency of putty. Roll small pieces into soft pellets and feed. Drinking water should always be available when feeding soft pellets.

To feed as a meat mix: Mix about 50% reptile supplement with about 50% minced meat, fish, or hard-boiled egg. Water may need to be added to moisten the mixture. Roll small pieces into pellets and feed.

To feed as vegmix: Sprinkle reptile supplement over equal proportions of finely chopped fruits and vegies. Remove excess powder after mixing.

Store prepared food refrigerated for 1 day or frozen for 1 week.

Turtles: Freshwater turtles are mainly carnivorous and feed underwater on slow moving aquatic animals such as yabbies, insect larvae, tadpoles and small fish. Feed captive turtles a variety of live food and reptile supplement prepared as soft pellets or meatmix. Avoid contaminating the aquarium by removing any uneaten food. Do not overfeed.

Skinks, Dragons, Geckoes: Feed a variety of live food and vegetables with reptile supplement prepared as either pellets, meatmix, or vegmix.

Goanna and snakes: Feed these reptiles with whole bodied prey stuffed with reptile supplement at a rate of 5g per 50g of food carcass weight.