Reptile Red Desert Sand 2.5kg

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This sand is an Australian natural product and comes from a trusted local supplier.

These enclosure substrate sands combine look with practicality. The red desert sands are natural sands collected from the red interior and treated to ensure hygiene for your pets.

What about problems with ingestion of substrate sand?

This can be a problem in some rare cases but is more about safe husbandry than a problem with sand per se. Our sand itself is perfectly safe and non-toxic, the concern is problems with impaction if a lot of sand is ingested and unable to be passed. The easy to way to avoid this problem but still be able to maintain your pets on a natural substrate is to feed your pets on a feeding tray or place them in a feeding container when feeding to help prevent ingestion of the sand. Many keepers feed their pets in their enclosures on substrate sand without any problem, but if you are concerned then the above is a simple solution.

Note: Due to the weight of the 5kg bag this item may not be able to be combined for shipping with other items and additional postage costs may become payable.