Passwell Red Factor Canary Seed 1.5kg

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Passwell Red Factor Seed Mix.

Red factor canaries have been specifically bred to display red plumage. They were developed as a cross between the Red Siskin and the Yellow Canary. Red factor canaries obtain their colouration from red carotenoid pigments in their diet, particularly Canthaxanthin. If there are insufficient red carotenoids in the blood stream at the time of feather growth then the red colouration tends to fade to light pink. This happens when feeding a normal canary seed mix due to the absence of canthaxanthin in seed. Dietary supplementation with canthaxanthin can significantly enhance the colour of red factor canaries, especially in the lead up and during moult.

Red Factor Canary Seed is a standard canary seed mix that is infused with canthaxanthin. Our unique infusion process means that canthaxanthin is absorbed into the kernel of the seed and is therefore readily assimilated into the bloodstream of the bird. This is a more effective method of delivering canthaxanthin into the diet than adding it to the drinking water as there can be considerable variation in the daily intake of water by birds.

Red Factor Canary Seed should be fed as the only seed component of the birds diet prior to and during the feather moult. Best results are achieved if supplements as a 50% mix with the usual seed diet all year round to maintain sufficient levels of circulating carotenoids in the blood stream.

Ingredients: canary seed, rape seed, linseed, french white millet, pannicum & hulled oats. Some seasonal variation in seed content and composition may occur.