Pet Ear Cleaner 125ml

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Masterpet Shear Magic Grooming Ear Cleaner for Pets which dissolves and removes oils and wax, cleans and drys the ear canal, is non-irritating, and suitable for every day use on all dogs of all breeds and all ages.

Size: 125ml

Shear Magic Ear Cleaner is designed to remove crusts, dirt and scales around the ear canal. It effectively dissolves oils, waxes, and debris in the ear canal leaving your pet with a clean, comfortable fresh ear. The non-irritating formula is gentle enough to be used in routine ear cleaning. Also suitable for puppies, kittens, and cats. Signs your pet may need their ears cleaned include shaking of the head or persistently scratching at the ears or an abundance of wax in the ears. Suitable for any breed as a one-off cleaner or use more frequently for pets with wax build up problems. No side effects or staining or discolouring to the hair around the ears.

Directions: May be used frequently. Shake well before use. Apply a few drops to the ear canal. Gently rub the base of the ear and then wipe the interior of the ear flap with a swab moistened with ear cleaner.