Inca Pestene 500g

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Inca Pestene Insect Powder for the control of lice, mites, and fleas on dogs, cats, fowls, calves, horses, and goats. Active constituents 50g/kg Sulfur (S); 10g/kg Rotenone (from Cube Roots).

Size: 500g

Restraints: Do not use on kittens and puppies under 3 months of age. Goats-Milk: Do not use on lactating does where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.

Dogs and Cats - Fleas: Apply to the coat particularly around neck, chest, and back. Work in against the hair and comb through the coat. Remove excess powder with a damp cloth. Dust pet after each wash. Apply at weekly intervals. Apply to bedding and kennel areas. Total eradication of fleas requires appropriate treatment of both the animal and its environment. A veterinarian should be consulted when flea infestation continues to be a problem.

Fowls - Lice (Mallophaga spp.) and Mites (Dermanyssus spp.): Sprinkle through the feathers, under wings and around the neck, breast and vent at weekly intervals. Apply liberally to nests and nesting areas.

Horses, calves and goats - Horses: Mites (Chorioptes bovis) and Lice (Bovicola equi and Haematopinus asini), Calves: Lice (Bovicola bovis, Haematopinus spp. and Linognathus spp.), Goats: Lice ( Bovicola spp. and Linognathus stenopis): Sprinkle lightly over the body and work into the skin. Apply at weekly intervals.