Passwell Carni-Vite 100g

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Passwell Carni-Vite is a vitamin & mineral supplement for pets fed all-meat diets including dogs, cats & ferrets.

Size: 100g

Key Features

  • Balances meat or raw diets.
  • Elevated levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.
  • Contains added taurine, an essential nutrient for carnivores.

Analysis per kg: Retinol 50mg, Magnesium 3.6g, Cholecalciferol 750μg, Iron(Fe++) 2100mg, d-α-tocopherol 5300mg, Zinc 360mg, Phytomenadione 4.3mg, Manganese 400mg, Pantothenic Acid 170mg, Copper 120mg, Pyridoxine 140mg, Iodine 36mg, Riboflavin 110mg, Linoleic Acid 1800mg, Thiamine 170mg, Linolenic Acid 5000mg, Folic Acid 36mg, Arachidonic acid 28mg, Biotin 860µg, Eicosapentaenoic acid 690mg, Cyanocobalamin 690µg, Docosahexaenoic acid 370mg, Calcium 300g, Taurine 38g, Phosphorus 32g, Total carotenoids 3.6mg