No Scratch Cat Spray 125ml

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Aristopet No Scratch for Cats which helps protect furniture and carpets by discouraging cat scratching with  low toxicity, effective formula.

Size: 125ml

Aristopet No Scratch contains a blend of essential oils that discourage cats from scratching the treated area. No Scratch has a mild odour which is pleasant to humans but obnoxious to cats.

Using a cat scratching post will accomodate your cat's natural instinct to scratch and claw in an appropriate place. We recommend using Aristopet Catnip Spray on the scratching post as an attractant if required.

Directions: Hold the spray 15-20cm away from the area to be treated and spray liberally. Repeat application every 12 to 24 hours until your cat stops scratching the area. Contains essential oils.

Caution: If spraying on fabric, leather or carpet etc first text on inconspicuous area for colour fastness and staining.