Microclimate Prime 1 Thermostat *** LAST ONE IN STOCK ***

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Prime 1 Thermostat

With the Prime thermostat range you can choose exactly how to control your vivariums, The main output(s) can be selected between dimming ,pulse or On/Off control.

Once the control type has been selected you then can set either a constant temp, Day & Night temp or upto 8 different temperatures throught the day and night that you set the timing of, this would allow you to recreate the natural environment with different temperatures throughout the day and night.

The on/off output on both the Prime 1 & 2 can be used either as an additional ON/OFF thermostat with the same timed temperature features as the main channel(s) or as a timed on/off output for acceesories such as lighting or misting. If used as a timed on/off output it can be setup in 2 ways. It can be set up to be switched on for a set ammount of time at time intervals for example every hour for 10 secconds or the user can set 4 on and off
times in any 24hr period.

Max power output: 1200w
Unit Size (cm): 13.5x13.5x5
Mains Cable : 1m
Sensor Cables: 2 x 2.5m
Socket Cables: 2 x 1m
Packaged size (cm): 39x20x7.3
Packaged Weight (kg): 1.8 Kg
Software: Microsoft Windows (Can be used on Mac running Bootcamp)