Flying Fox Milk Replacer 140g

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Wombaroo Flying Fox Milk Replacer.

Flying Foxes (or fruit bats) are megabats of mainly tropical and sub-tropical regions. They have a natural diet consisting of native fruits and nectar from flowering trees. Their digestive system is not designed to handle large amounts of fibre, so they crush fruit in their jaws to obtain the juice, before ejecting the fibrous pulp as spat. In captivity, flying foxes are usually fed commercially grown fruits, which tend to a have lower protein, vitamin & mineral content compared to the wild diet. Fruits should therefore be supplemented with High Protein Supplement in order to provide a balanced diet.

Young flying foxes are born well-developed, and are fed a high protein, low energy milk to promote lean muscle growth for flight. Our products include Flying Fox Milk Replacer to match the composition of mother's milk as well as colostrum supplement and specialised teats for young flying foxes.

This powdered feed provides a well balanced diet for flying foxes.

A nutritionally complete substitute for pups.  Use when mother's milk is limited or when pups are orphaned.

Min Crude Protein 30%, Min Crude Fat 18%, Max Fibre 0%, Max Salt 1%