Fidos Fresh Coat Spray 125ml

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Fidos Fresh Coat Spray for cats, dogs, and other small animals is an Australian made pet product. Comes in a choice of 125ml or 500ml. A cologne coat conditioner & deodorant spray for dogs, cats, and other furry animals. Fidos Fresh Coat Spray is a special combination of absorbent Lanolin and Silicone, which brings back the natural sheen and lustre of your pets coat. Fido Fresh Coat Spray may be applied to a wet or dry coat and will assist in tangle-free brushing. It is greaseless, is absorbed quickly and eliminates pet odours to leave the coat smelling fresh for hours -  an effective deodorant.

Size: 125ml

Directions for use: Fidos Fresh Coat Spray can be applied to a dry or wet coat. Just ruffle the coat and either spray contents onto a cloth and wipe over the coat until moist or hold the spray approx. 25-30cm from the pets coat and spray a fine mist until damp. Brush the coat back into position and allow to dry. Do not spray near eyes.

Follow directions on label.