Fidos Pet Crème Conditioner 250ml

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Fidos Creme Conditioner is an Australian made pet product. Comes in a choice of 250ml, 1L or 5L. For puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Results in shiny, silky, and manageable coats. Fidos Creme Conditioner moisturises, freshens and adds gloss to any coat. The result is a shiny, silky and manageable coat with a fresh, crisp apple fragrance. Specially selected natural ingredients include Chamomile and Macadamia Nut Oil.

Size: 250ml

Directions for use: After shampooing and rinsing apply Fidos Creme Conditioner to several places and massage well into the coat. Leave for at least a minute then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Avoid contact with the eyes and wetting inside the ears.

Follow directions on label.