Critter Keeper One Door 33cm

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Clear plastic box with ventilated plastic lid. See through plastic enables you to observe your pets clearly. Hold in moisture and substrates. Great for use for housing insects, spiders, scorpions, baby reptiles and as temporary holding or feeding cages. Popular with reptile, frog, and insect keepers. Full access inside the enclosure by way of the removable lid and opening access doors.

Dimensions: approx. 33x21x21cm

These clear plastic containers are an economical way to house insects and small reptiles. With fully ventilated lids and waterproof bases they can be used to house a wide range of pets. They are also popular as temporary housing when feeding or cleaning larger animals.

The clear plastic bases of these items can easily become scratched even when brand new out of the box. These surface scratches do not detract from the usefullness of the products.