Aquarium Shield Water Conditioner 50ml

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Blue Planet Shield is an Australian made aquarium product. Aquarium conditioner. Eliminates ammonia, removes chlorine and chloramines. With added coloids and aloe vera to protect fish. Reduces stress and improves fish health. Fresh and saltwater aquariums. Blue Plant Shield is designed to eliminate harmful chemicals, including ammonia, from tap water. At the same time it provides a protective coating for fish scales, with both aloe vera and colloids. This ensures your fish remain vibrant, reducing their stress levels and improving their health.

Size: 50ml

Using Shield: Whenever tap water is added to the aquarium. Adding a new fish to the tank. Transporting fish. Removal of toxic ammonia. Netting, handling and poor water conditions damage the natural slime coating fish have to protect them from disease, infections and loss of electrolytes. The combined benefits of aloe vera and colloids effectively shield the fish allowing time for their natural mucous to regenerate.

Follow directions on label.