Tropical Fish Crumbles 71g

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Wardley Slow Sinking Tropical Crumbles is a US made product. This food is a uniquely shaped, colour enhancing, nutritionally balanced food specifically formulated for all tropical fish. It is a slow sinking fish food bite to accomodate the needs of all top, mid-water and bottom feeders.

Size: 71g

Feeding instructions:  Fish should be fed several times daily and not more than your fish will consume in 5 minutes at each feeding. A good measure for the average tank (10-12 fish) is what would be no more than the size of a penny in the palm of your hand. This food will not cloud water when fed properly.

Guaranteed analysis: crude protein min 40%; crude fat min. 4%; crude fibre max. 4%; moisture max. 9%

Follow directions on label.