Sonpar Air Pump 150L/h

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Sonpar Air Pumps are reliable, quiet and powerful. They are made from superior materials to ensure continuous service with minimum maintenance. Sonpar pumps are designed to deliver large volumes of air and also to drive air to the bottom of large aquariums without loss of pressure. Most parts are interchangeable and may be changed easily and quickly.

Size: 150 litres per hour

Instructions: Pump should be placed above the water level of the aquarium to avoid back siphoning of water when it is turned off. If the pump must be placed below the aquarium water level, fit a non return valve in the air tubing to eliminate the back siphoning. Occasionally air outlets, tubing, air stones should be cleaned or changed before they get clogged. This will prolong the service life of the pump and achieve maximum output.

Warning: Disconnect from mains before removing cover. Do not use any oil on this pump. Do not immerse in water.

Read instructions on label before use.