Rotary Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

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Live catch cage trap for rodents. Hand wound mechanism - no batteries or electricity required. Can hold around 10 mice

Dimensions: approx. 24cm long x 14cm high x 18cm wide

This live catch mouse trap is best used for catching House Mice Mus musculus but will also catch small rats. These traps are simple to use and effective.

These multi catch mouse traps can catch approximately 10 mice at a time before they need to be emptied. Simply place the trap next to wall that mice are known to frequent and the mice will enter the holes in the side of the trap, set off the mechanism, and be scooped up into the trap unharmed. The mice are held inside the trap and the trap can be emptied by sliding the lid open.

The trap does not need to be baited but placing some bait inside the trap can help generate interest in the trap. Once a mouse has been captured others will follow. Simply set the trap and bait it to catch your problem rodents.

If you have a rat problem and your aim is primarily to catch rats then you may want to consider our rat traps.

Please note that although these mice traps are effective there is no more a guarantee that you will catch a mouse with them than there is a guarantee that you will catch a fish if you buy a fishing rod. Correct usage of the trap will give you the best chance of success and we are available to answer any questions you may have about use of the traps.