Resin Hollow Log Ornamental

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Resin log ornament for reptile enclosures and fish tanks.

Resin products are non-toxic and safe for use in aquariums as well as with reptiles and amphibians. Weighted so that they not only feel real but will sit well in an enclosure or submerged in an aquarium. Realistic natural look finishes. Long lasting and easy to clean.

  • Dimensions: 140mm long (end to end) x 90mm wide (side to side) x 90mm deep (front to back)
  • Painted finish
  • Note: Raspy fish species like Plecos etc may be able to damage the surface of these ornaments so please consider this before purchase.

This is a small resin log hide that is suitable for use with a wide range of reptiles and amphibians.

These resin pieces are all aquarium quality so are as safe for use submerged in aquarium water with fish as they are for use with reptiles and amphibians. These resin items are weighted giving them a realistic feel while making them safe for use in water or on land.

Creating a habitat that you can enjoy to look at and your pet can enjoy to live in is important. The environmental enrichment provided by cage decorations is vaulable to their long term health of your pets as it stimulates them.

Only the decoration described above is for sale here - other decorative items seen in the photo can be purchased seperately from our store.