Aristopet Reptile Water Treatment 125ml

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Aristopet Repti Safe 5 way protection water conditioner has 5 main aims:
  • instantly removes toxic chlorine and chloramine;
  • eliminates toxic ammonia
  • protects aquatic inhabitants with aloe vera
  • coats and protects aquatic inhabitants reducing stress
  • provides essential Ions and electrolytes
Instantly conditions water for all species of snakes, amphibians, lizards, turtles, tortoises, hermit crabs and arachnids.

Repti-Safe 5 conditions tap water by eliminating toxic chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia whilst protecting amphibians by providing a protective coating rich in natural Aloe Vera and colloids. It also provides essential ions and electrolytes which assist in hydrating new animals.

Chlorine and chloramine are added to city water supplies to control bacteria and safeguard human health. These compounds are harmless to humans but when added to terrariums are deadly to most inhabitants if not eliminated first.

Directions for use:

Aquatic species habitat water - Add 5ml per 20 litres of tap water, add further dosage when new tap water is added or water is changed. Slightly agitate water to ensure even distribution.

Terrarium water drinking bowls - Add 1 drop per 150ml to 200ml of drinking water. Add to drinking water every time water is changed.

User Guide: To calculate approximate tank capacity length x width x water level height and divide by 1,000 for litres.