Prozym Dental Solution 250ml Water Additive

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Prozym Dental Solution For Cats And Dogs helps with fresh breath, healthy gums, and healthy teeth.

A unique ingredient makes this solution a powerful anti-tartar weapon!

  • A palatable and refreshing dental solution
  • Fights against dental plaque and bad breath
  • The easiest way to give your pet some daily oral care – just add to drinking water
  • Helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Unique Active Ingredient

  • RF2 – a key ingredient from plant origins
  • Acts against biofilm that is created by bacteria in the mouth – biofilm is the first stage in formation of dental plaque on teeth
  • Helps to restore bacterial balance in the mouth
  • Induces a 70% reduction in the production of biofilm and a 40% reduction in the production of tartar

Can be used complementarily with Prozym Dental Sticks For Dogs, and Prozym Dental Toothpaste Kit For Dogs and Cats