Pet Clear Eyes Sterile Eye Wash 125ml

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Yours Drooly Shear Magic Clear Eyes Sterile Eye wash for Pets which flushes foreign matter safely, cools and comforts sensitive eyes and is suitable for everyday use on all dogs, all breeds, all ages. Help keep your dogs eyes clean, clear, and gunk free.  Shear Magic Eye Wash is a sterile eye wash solution for use after grooming or clipping. Helps relieve irritation, stinging and itching caused by foreign particles, dust and hair particles after clipping. Shear Magic Eye Wash is useful for washing away dried mucous secretion and discharges from dogs eyes as well as removing hair or loose foreign matter from eyes. Also suitable for puppies, kittens, and cats.

Size: 125ml

Directions: Carefully wipe away excess matter at the corner of your pets eyes. Flush gently with a fine stream of eye wash. Repeat as necessary.

Note: Sterile solution for safe use. The contents of this container are sterile until opened. To avoid contamination do not touch the tip of the container to eye or any other surface. Discard 28 days after opening.