Mikki Bath Brush **LAST ONE IN STOCK**

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Mikki Bath Brush dispenses shampoo and makes bathing easy. Helps maintain a healthy coat and create the bond between you and your pet. Has a built in reservoir for the shampoo. The open and lock mechanism controls shampoo dispensed through the brush. The patented 3-prong fingers gently massage the shampoo deep into your pets coat

Instructions - Remove the cap and unlock the screw top. Fill the brush with your shampoo (add water if needed), then close the screw top. Wet your pet's coat thoroughly. Press the rubber button on the brush to dispense shampoo and massage the shampoo into your pet's coat. Be gentle around delicate areas such as the face and eyes. Rinse the shampoo out with warm water carefully. Towel or blow dry and follow up with a good brushing with a Mikki Slicker Brush. Excess shampoo may be stored inside the reservior between uses. Put the cap back on for secure storage.

Size: 12x8x6cm