Mesh Light Cage Large

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Mesh light protector cages for use with reptile and other pets to help prevent them coming into contact with heating bulbs.

Best priced mesh light cages on the market. Cage end opens up with a simple twist to make the changing of bulbs easy. Multiple fixing points to ensure that the cages can be attached securely to your enclosure. Fine mesh size to ensure that your pets and their feeder insects cannot get inside the light cage. Black powder coated finish which looks good and is heat resistant. Gap for electrical cable - if you are not using this gap for cables we recommend you cover it over to prevent the entry of small reptiles and insects. Lightweight design.
  • Dimensions: 22cm deep (top to bottom) x 16cm wide (side to side)
  • Material: Fine powder coated mesh

Mesh light cages are an excellent way to protect your pets from coming into contact with heat lamps and lights. Not only can these lamps burn your pets but in some cases your pets can damage the lighting. Either was it is best to keep your pets away from your lighting.

These mesh cages can be attached over existing lighting. Simply screw the cages in place.

These cages have a flip open door at the bottom to make changing bulbs easy and convenient. It is recommend that this door be secured with a cable tie or wire to ensure that your pets cannot open it accidentally.