Mercury Vapour Bulb 275W

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Mega-Ray Mercury Vapour Reptile Lighting. Full Spectrum Reptile heat and UV bulb. For desert and sun loving reptile species with high output for the synthesis of Vitamin D3. Full spectrum, excellent colour rendition. Use as a UV light lamp. Not suitable for use with thermostat or dimming devices. Suitable for use with a wide range of reptiles - lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, and insects

Wattage: 275W

Please note that most residential use light fittings are only rated to 150W so these bulbs cannot be used with standard residential light fittings - these bulbs are most suited to use in aquariums, zoos, and wildlife parks where appropriate electrical fiitings are in use. If used inappropriately these bulbs will not last long.

Mega-Ray Reptile Lighting is manufactured in Europe and is known as 'The worlds best reptile lighting'.

PAR38 blended mercury vapour bulbs provide UVA/UVB visible light and infrared (heat) energy from a single lamp. With a 35 degree beam angle for wide basking areas. Average life of 6,000 hours. No external ballast required.

Provides a source for UVA and UVB which is important for reptile development and health, aids in the synthesis of vitamin D3, helps prevent metabolic bone disease, and stimulates reproduction.

Bulb care tips:

  • Store new bulbs in a cool location away from direct sunlight until they are ready for use.
  • Avoid touching the bulb surface.
  • Ensure that light fitting is turned off before replacing bulbs.
  • It is best not you to use a switching thermostat in conjunction with light bulbs and to limit the frequency of switching the bulbs on and off.
  • Protect bulbs from water spray especially when they are running hot.
  • Install surge protection.
  • Turn off electrical appliances during electrical storms