Vetafarm Herpacare Concentrate 500ml

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Herpacare Concentrate Reptile Disinfectant Cleanser - tough on germs, gentle on reptiles

Active constituents: 50g/L Benzalkonium Chloride; 25g/L Sulfanic Acid

Indications: Herpacare kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact and is effective in up to 20% organic matter, making it perfect for 'dirty' situations. (Hospital B standards of disinfection) Herpacare can be used for disinfection of food and water containers, vivariums and enclosures, rocks and logs.

Directions: Dilute with water 1:50 prior to use (20ml/L). At this dilution Herpacare performs to the 'Hospital B' standards of disinfection. Remove gross contamination (eg faeces, leftover food etc) Spray with prepared solution, allow for 5 minutes for disinfection to occur and then use as normal.

Precaution: This product is not suitable for use on equipment and housing of aquatic organisms.