Heat Mat 53x28cm 28W

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Heat mats are a great source for stable heat for reptiles, birds and other pets. Convenient to use just lay the mat under your enclosure and plug it in. Good reliable source of heat. Quick and even heat given off throughout the mat - no hot spots. Available in a range of sizes and wattages. Hard PVC coating makes these water resistant but not waterproof. Safe for use in many situations.

Product Specifications:

Wattage: 28W 
Size: 53x28cm 

Heating pads are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to provide required heat to your reptile and amphibian pets. Simply place the heat pad under the enclosure in the desired location and then switch it on. Heat pads give off continuous heat and do not have inbuilt thermostats to control heat so you can buy a thermostat seperately if you want one.

A few tips in using these items:

1. These items are not waterproof so should never be emersed in water.

2. It is often best to place the heat mat outside of the enclosure to prevent overheating, and to protect the heat mat from getting wet or dirty. The heat mat can be placed under your enclosure or even attached to the wall of the enclosure depending upon your needs.

3. Ceramic tiles are good conductors of heat and can be used as a buffer in situations where less intense heat is required. Just place a ceramic tile on the heat mat such that the ceramic tile can give off the heat that your pets require. It is also a good idea to place a heat resistant barrier ( such as a piece of glass or tile) under the heat mat to seperate the heat mat from combustible materials and protect any furniture that the heat mat and enclosure may be sitting on.

4. Ensure adequate ventilation around the heat mat.

5. Set your enclosure up completely BEFORE you put any animals into it so that you can test and ensure that the heat mat is achieving desired temperatures. A good thermometer and/or thermostat can help with maintaining correct temps and these items are available seperately in our ebay store.

6. Put the heat mat toward one end of the enclosure as you should have a heat gradient which results in a warmer end of the enclosure and a cooler end of the enclosure.

7. As a rough guide a heat mat that is about a third of the floor size of your enclosure will provide appropriate heat for that enclosure. This is not a rule of course but a good rough guide.

NOTE: Please note that heat pads are best used in conjunction with a good thermostat to ensure that they do not under nor overheat an enclosure. Thermostats can be bought seperately in our store. It is important to ensure that heat mats are adequately ventilated when in use to prevent them from overheating.