Blue Planet Crayfish Food 150g

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Blue Planet Crayfish Food is an Australian made aquarium product. Nutritious sinking sticks 1-2cm in length.

Size: 150g

Blue Planet is about creating your own living world and all our products are specifically designed to help you create, maintain and solve the problems you may encounter.

Blue Planet Crayfish Food offers a balanced diet for all crayfish species (freshwater lobsters, yabbies,  maron and red claw etc) Crayfish Pellets will maintain both growth rate and health of your crayfish.

Directions for use: Feed your crayfish at least once per day, with late afternoon being more optimal, as crayfish tend to be more active through darker periods or night time. Switching lights off may encourage more movement at feeding times.

We recommend feeding a small amount of food that can be consumed within 30 seconds. Sprinkle a little more in after but ensure no food remains 2 minutes after feeding.

Typical analysis: min. crude protein 42%; min. crude fat 11%; max. crude fibre 6%; max. moisture 9%

Contents: fish meal, meat meal, soy flour, kelp meal, wheaten flour, vegetable oil, yeast, enzyme, emulsifiers, vitamins and minerals.

Follow directions on label.