Cat & Possum Trap

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Live catch cage trap for small possums and large rats. Spring loaded door for quick release. Platform trigger plate. Collapsible design for transport and storage

Dimensions: approx. 50cm long x 20cm high x 19cm wide

This live catch trap is best used for catching small possums such as Ringtail Possums but can also be used to catch small sized Brushtail Possums and large sized rats including European Black Rats (Roof Rats) Rattus rattus and European Brown Rats (Sewer Rats) Rattus norvegicus. These traps are simple to use and effective.

The assembly instructions for the trap are as follows:

1. Remove the trap from the package and cut off the plastic cable ties;
2. Place the back wall of the trap in place by hooking the round pieces at the bottom of the wall into the rearmost space on the floor of the trap.

How to set the trap:

1. For best results you may want to bend the bait hook that extends down inside the trap. The bait hook comes out of the packaging straight but it will be much easier to bait the trap if you bend this in a hook shape;

2. Lift the door and place the locking bar on top of the door in front of the loops at the top of the door. This locking bar will fall down in front of the door when the trap is set off thereby locking the trap door;

3. Place bait on the bait hook inside the trap;

4. Hook the trigger pin attached to the door under the clip attached to the bait hook. The pressure of the pins will hold the door open and the trap is set;

5. The trap is triggered by the rat taking the bait off the bait hook

Please note that although these rat traps are effective there is no more a guarantee that you will catch an animal with them than there is a guarantee that you will catch a fish if you buy a fishing rod. Correct usage of the trap will give you the best chance of success and we are available to answer any questions you may have about use of the traps.