Boyu SP-603E Submersible Filter 400L p/H

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Boyu submersible aquarium filter for fish tanks and aquariums.

Size: Boyu SP-603E Submersible Filter 400L p/H

This product consists of submersible pump and sprinkling bar biochemical filter. The pump body is made from die-cast ABS engineering plastic, and can endure shock and rust. Made of stainless steel, the pump shaft can be used in the freshwater and sea water.

The motor is sealed in the body with resin. With food waterproof performance and high isolation intensity, it is safe and reliable.

Multi-functional design, various purposes for pumping, adding oxygen and filtering 3 in 1.

With adjustable sprinkling bar, this filter can enlarge the contact between water and the air, ensuring a good performance in adding oxygen.

Follow instructions on box.