Blackmores PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner 200ml

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Blackmores PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner provides nutrient rich conditioning, de-tangling, has a low allergenic formula, and has high shine & low residue. For older dogs with sensitive skin.

Developed by vets specifically for dogs with fragile skin. Provides key nutrients and deeply moisturises the coat and skin to maintain skin health.

pH balanced and formulated to be compatible for dogs with fragile skin, PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo uses pawDerm® technology that combines:

  • Hypoallergenic sulphate free gentle cleaners for a gentle clean without stripping natural oils from delicate skin.
  • Rich moisturising ingredients.
  • Natural essential oils of rosemary & sandalwood to provide key skin nutrients and a fresh pure scent.

For best results, PAW Sensitive Skin Shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with PAW Sensitive Skin Conditioner for a great coat and to maintain skin health.