Basking Bulbs 72W x3 AVF-982

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Set of 3 light bulbs useful for lighting and heating reptile enclosures or other pets.

Care should be taken to ensure that your pets cannot come into contact with the light bulbs as they can become very hot during use.

Proper care of your light bulbs will prolong the life of the bulbs and ensure that you get best use out of your bulbs:

  • Store bulbs in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight until they are ready for use.
  • Avoid touching the bulb surface.
  • Ensure the light fitting is turned off before replacing bulbs.
  • It is best not to use a switching thermostat with light bulbs and to limit the frequency that bulbs are turned on and off.
  • Protect bulbs from water spray and humidity especially when they are running hot.
  • Install surge protection devices and turn off electrical appliances during electrical storms.

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