Inca Baladene 1L

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Inca Baladene is a body acid neutralizer and urinary alkalizer suitable for use with horses and greyhounds.

Size: 1L

Baladene contains citrates to aid in neutralizing acidic products of metabolism which may accumulate in the body following strenuous excercise and cause "tying up" or cramped muscles following heavy training programs. The Urinary alkalizing effect can aid specific treatment of certain diseases of the urinary tract. A source of sodium and potassium ions to aid restoration of electrolyte ion balance after losses due to sweating.

Nervous "sweaty" horses and animals prone to "tying up" sodium loss and "dehydration" will benefit from Baladene treatment. Greyhounds suffering from Cystitis may have alkaline urine, and a Veterinary Surgeon should be consulted for correct treatment. Baladene may be used successfully in cases or urogenital infection and inflammation, as an adjuvant to specific therapy.

Directions for use:

Horses: 50-75ml once or twice daily in the feed. Horses suffering from dehydration need a supplementary ration of 25-50g salt.

Greyhounds: 2-4ml once or twice daily while the dog is hard at work. Add to the food or milk. Ensure an adequate supply of clean drinking water is available at all times.