Aquarium Neutraliser Block 20g

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Blue Planet Neutraliser Block is an Australian made aquarium product. Suits tropical and goldfish neutralise acidic water. Suits freshwater aquariums only. Blue Planet Neutraliser Block releases buffering agents to help balance and maintain a neutral pH when your water is acidic. The block will also add beneficial minerals and salts for plant and aquarium health.

Size: 20g

Directions for use: Place into your aquarium, the block will slowly dissolve over many days. In cases where the block lasts less than 4 days we suggest checking the pH as the water may be quite acidic. In cases of this nature please consider using pH up powder to help bring your pH closer to neutral. A water change of 30% may be required to help remove built up waste from your fish.

Whenever adding tap water ensure Blue Planet water ager or Shield is used. For best performance place this block near moving water, and it is not recommended for high pH water conditions.

Follow directions on label.