Aquarium Ammo E Block 24g

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Blue Planet Ammo E Block is an Australian made aquarium product. Toxic ammonia remover. Fast and effective removal of high ammonia levels. Helps to stabilise pH. Treats 150L. Each segment treats 25L. Suits freshwater aquariums only. Blue Plant Ammo E Block is designed to eliminate harmful chemicals, specifically ammonia as well as chlorine and chloramines. Ammo E Block acts bind ammonia quickly to ensure toxicity is reduced and harmless to all fish types.

Size: 24g

Directions for use: Use 1 segment per 25 litres of water. This complete packet treats 150L of water. For continuous protection, in your aquarium, replace when dissolved. For best performance test aquarium pH to ensure a value between 6.8 and 7.2 is maintained.

Follow directions on label.