Applaws Cat It's All Good Adult 800g

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Applaws It's All Good 50, Chicken Dry Cat Food

This complete and nutritionally balanced cat food from Applaws is made with natural ingredients. 50% of the ingredients are made up of high quality animal protein, which comes from poultry including free-range chicken.

Cats are meat eaters by nature so Applaws doesn't use cereal/grains such as wheat, sorghum, barley, rice and corn. These all contain carbohydrates, which can turn to fat and may cause excessive weight gain. This formula focuses on using meat for weight maintenance and lean muscles.

  • Cereal and grain free - easy to digest and reduces risk of allergies.
  • High quality protein - promotes strong bones and healthy muscle mass.
  • Natural omega oils and prebiotic - encourages a silky coat and strong immune system.