Anitone Liquid 500ml Nutritional Supplement

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Anitone is a palatable natural organic liquid mineral and trace element supplement for all animals. Suitable for dogs,cats, poultry, birds, rabbits, horses and all other livestock.

Anitone is derived from a careful manufacturing process that involves the fermentation of mineral rich plant extracts.

Benefits –

  • Acts as a tonic and supports digestive efficiency.
  • Can help to stimulate appetite and rumen fermentation.
  • Provides 60 chelated essential minerals in a readily available organic form
  • Stress management due to Anitone’s high levels of nutrients, it is helpful during any period of stress or recovery from injury or disease.
  • Can help reduce stress in livestock after mustering, transportation and at weaning.
  • May help to alleviate symptoms of acidosis, laminitis, grain-poisoning.
  • Enhances coat and feather condition.

Anitone liquid can be administered as an oral drench if not convenient to give regularly, but works best when adapted to frequent and regular doses at least once or twice weekly if possible. May also be given daily to show and performance animals, or animals that are recovering from illness.

Dosage Rates:

  • Dogs  1ml / 2kg bodweight
  • Cattle over 300kg  20-40ml
  • Calves under 300kg 10-20ml
  • Sheep, goats, alpaca 5-15mlsPigs Adults 10-20mls
  • Piglets 5-10 mls
  • Horses over 300kg – 20-40mls, Under 300kg 10-20mls
  • Chickens  0.5-1ml – excellent for egg production and show chickens
  • Water Rates 1-2% or calculate per head basis