Aluminium Split Bird Leg Ring No.11 Plain 10pc

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Aluminium bird leg identification rings for use with cage and aviary birds. Available in either split or closed, and either numbered or plain. Range of colours but we do not offer colour choice.

  • Size: No.11 - suits Indian Ringneck. King Parrot. Red-collared Lorikeet. Crimson-wings. Crimson & Green & Yellow Rosellas. Rainbow Lorikeet. Regent Parrot. Superb Parrot. 28 Parrot.Malabar. Port Lincoln Parrot. Moustached Parakeet. Red Winged Parot. Adelaide Rosella.Japanese & Manchurian Quail.
  • Plain
  • Set of 10pcs

The above size information is provided by the manufacturer to be used as a guide only. If you are unsure of what size you need please check with a relevant bird breeder or veterinarian.