3 Iron for Horse & Greyhound 5L

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Inca 3 Iron for horses and greyhounds is an iron, copper, cobalt, and manganese oral supplement.

Size: 5L

3 iron is an easily assimilated, non-irritant iron supplement containing chelated iron and elements such as copper, cobalt, and manganese for the assistance of the incorporation of iron into haemoglobin. Anaemia may be caused by internal parasites, training and racing stress and nutritional imbalance, 3 iron liquid is formulated to help restore haemoglobin to optimum levels.

Active constituents: Total iron 16g/L (as Ferric ammonium citrate 71g/L, ferrous gluconate 4g/L, ferric sodium edetate 2g/L); cobalt 0.2mg/L; copper 14.7mg/L; manganese 14.9mg/L