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大小: 2公斤

喂食:作为主要饲料来源免费提供。 Vetafarm颗粒被设计提供完全营养当以80%或更多的总饮食的比率被喂养时。必须始终提供淡水



South American Parrot Mix is a complete diet for South American birds such as conures, Amazons, and macaws. Made with fresh nuts to appeal to exotic parrots it provides formulated nutrition designed by avian vets that reduces mess and waste.

Size: 2kg

Feeding: Make freely available as the primary feed source. Vetafarm pellets are designed to provide complete nutrition when fed at a rate of 80% or more of the total diet. Fresh water must be available at all times.

Guaranteed analysis: Min Crude Fat 7.0%, Max salt 0.5%, min crude protein 17.0%, max fibre 4.0%

Not suitable for Toucans or Mynas.