Herpaboost 100ml

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Herpaboost is a veterinary formulated blend of fresh Tasmanian Muttonbird Oil (harvested traditionally by Indigenous Australians), vitamins and essential amino acids. This combination of crucial nutrients supports recovery and increases the appetite of reptiles that are stressed, rehabilitating or struggling to feed independently.

Indications: Provides essential oils, energy, amino acids, and vitamins for the nutritional support of all reptiles with loss of appetite due to illness or injury. May also be used to stimulate feeding in recovering reptiles or juveniles.

Recommended for: All reptiles

Key features: Stimulates juvenile reptiles and difficult feeders to feed. Provides emergency nutrition to sick, stressed and injured reptiles. Provides a nutritional boost to underweight or gravid reptiles. Can be fed directly to sick animals, injected into food items or smeared on food.