Equinade Rug Seal 1L canvas waterproofing

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Equinade Rug Seal restores a water repellant finish to cotton-based canvas and helps inhibit mildew and dry rot. It is not suitable for synthetic materials. It is a re-proofing formula to help waterproof cotton canvas. It can be applied easily with a brush or by spraying and has no fumes.

To begin, thoroughly wash the rug to remove all dirt and allow to dry. Apply Equinade Rug Seal to the outside surface, paying attention to seams and stitched areas. Apply two coats, allowing time to dry between each application. The under side of the canvas can also be treated.

The canvas should be in good condition, clean, dry and have 30% cotton content. Rug Seal re-proofs and will resist dry rot and mildew. Suitable for all cotton canvas products, one litre covers approximately six square metres.