Prozym Dental Sticks Small 0-20kg 168g 12's Small & Medium Dog

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Prozym Dental Sticks are more than a treat, it's a treatment.

We all know well that dogs love to chew, nibble or tear to shreds anything they can find. Thanks to Prozym Dental Sticks, your dog can chew and clean its teeth at the same time. The products in the Prozym range contain a unique active ingredient called RF2. RF2 is from vegetal origin and has been selected for its activity against the biofilm. RF2 can induce a 70% reduction of the biofilm.

Prozym Dental Sticks Key Benefits:

  • Delicious taste dogs will love
  • Longer chew time for cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Star shaped design to maximise contact with teeth and gums
  • Available in two sizes